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If you routinely deprive yourself of REM alcohol and aging, you will wake up feeling unrested and be groggy and unfocused throughout your day. Sleep loss also deteriorates your cells, which can make you age faster. Other effects of drinking alcohol regularly can result in dry eyes and eyelid twitching, known as myokymia. This triggers short-term inflammation and double vision that causes burning and itching of the eyes, migraines, and sensitivity to light. According to a recent study reported in the journal JAMA Network Open, overall alcohol consumption in 2020 increased by about 14% from last year for Americans over the age of 30. This comes out to one additional drinking day per month by 75% of adults compared to last year. In fact, premature dementia is related to alcohol-related brain damage.

  • But she’s finding it harder to get going in the morning and occasionally feels cravings for a drink during stressful times in the workday.
  • When you remove alcohol from the equation, the damaging factors that exacerbate rosacea, acne, eczema and a wide range of skin issues disappear, resulting in a blemish-free, clear complexion.
  • At Gateway Foundation, our expert team provides you with compassionate care.
  • He has conducted research in sound, cognition, and community building, has a background in independent music marketing, and continues to work as a composer.
  • Through investigation, it has been shown that excessive drinking can cause a person’s brain to shrink and deteriorate.

One way that alcohol speeds aging is by causing therelease of stress hormonesin the body. Alcohol is known to increase the release of stress hormones. Therefore, doctors think that there is an excess amount of stress hormones that are released in people who struggle with alcohol use.

How Excessive Alcohol Consumption Ages the Mind and Body

„Acidic beverages can create microscopic pores on the surface of the enamel, causing erosion over time,“ said McAndrew. This damage may ultimately affect your skin’s ability to protect itself and generate collagen. The study suggested that risk goes up based on the amount of alcohol consumed.


Heavy drinkers often block off time specifically to drink, which means they aren’t doing other things with that time. If you drink a lot, it might be that you only feel good or even normal for a short period when you’ve had a certain amount to drink. The rest of the time, you may be hungover, sleep deprived, or in the early stages of withdrawal. On your road to finding and maintaining recovery, we are with you for life. If you’re ready to start that journey, contact us today to learn more.

Is alcohol aging reversible?

This can be the case because the side effects of drinking in older adults are mistaken for other conditions related to aging, for example, a problem with balance. The results shouldn’t be interpreted to mean that people can start drinking and smoking at moderate levels, says Tolstrup.

  • Almost every adult deals with arcus senilis by the time they’re 80.
  • Regular drinkers can trigger biological functions that make them age from the inside out.
  • However, once you quit drinking, you start looking younger pretty quickly.
  • And although cutting back on alcohol can give your skin a chance to regenerate, some damage cannot be reversed.
  • It also affects the healthy functioning of your digestive system, making it harder for you to absorb essential nutrients.
  • The safest and most effective way to stop alcohol misuse is under the medical supervision of addiction professionals.

Of course, rapid aging affects your physical appearance. Women who had 28 drinks or more per week had a 33 percent higher chance of developing the same syndrome. By adding extra stress to your body and depriving it of the nutrients it needs to rebuild, alcohol can place you years ahead in the aging process, and affect how you look. Wrinkles aren’t the only skin condition that can age you. Broken capillaries, the tiny blood vessels near the surface of the skin, tend to crop up as you get older.

Reason You Look Older: Eating Sugar

If you or a loved one are struggling to stop alcohol use,contactThe Recovery Village. Using treatment programs tailored to each patient’s needs, treatment addresses addiction along with any co-occurring mental health disorders. If you or someone you lovedrinks alcohol heavily, you may start to notice some changes in how they look over time. Sometimes their skin may start to look older than you would expect, or they maygain weight.

mental health

But too much can lead to an abnormal heartbeat and high blood pressure. So if you don’t drink, this isn’t a good reason to start.

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