How to Write a Dissertation Discussion Section

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writing dissertation discussion

The authors discuss these findings and draw parallels between this and the idea of translanguaging, suggesting that students are incorporating the digital resources into the repertoire of linguistic resources available to them. One obvious one is that in the discussion section, writers in particular “make new knowledge claims” (Basturkmen, 2009, p. 243) during commenting on key results to construct their own voice in the field. As suggested by Koutsantoni , the discussion section is where writers make new knowledge claims, aiming to persuade the academic community to accept the trustworthiness of their claims in their disciplines. A dissertation discussion chapter is an attempt of a student to demonstrate significance of the study conducted. Besides, it is a great point when it comes to bringing more awareness to the topic importance.

What should be the strategy of sparing time for manuscript writing be?

As such, using the template to walk through this process may be helpful for both parties. A discussion section is an essential part of any PhD dissertation or thesis. In this chapter, students need to provide a detailed interpretation of the data they have gathered in the process of their investigation and discuss the research results, taking into account all the limitations of their study. In this article, you will find some useful tips on how to write a convincing discussion section that can help you cope with this challenging task. You can also get professional assistance with writing a discussion section if you hire a writer on our website. Their study suggested that during the process of writing the doctoral dissertation discussion section, students or their advisors might come across various problems. Surprisingly, the problems could be widely diverse, and the perceptions from both ends could as well be very different.

During writing process of the manuscript one of these can be selected based on the intensity of the discussion. However the suitability of the title to the agenda of the target journal should be investigated beforehand.

How to Write a Discussion Chapter for a Dissertation

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  • Dissertations are highly important not only as standard evaluation tools in awarding degrees to undergraduates, Masters, or PhD students – these ar…
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  • For this reason, it is important to differentiate the findings according to their relevance to your research in order not to miss anything and not to confuse your readers.
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  • It may be disappointing but it will also lead to certain conclusions.

This reflective exercise may save time in the long run, as it facilitates staying focused on the key points and avoids repeating elements of the discussions within the individual papers. The more detailed the completed templates, the more content is available to transform into text.

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Specifically, our company’s writers can cope with APA, MLA, Harvard, Oxford, Turabian, Vancouver, and others. The limitations may occur due to the applied research methods of techniques or some issues that may have arisen in the course of research. Your task is to determine those limitations and explain whether they have somehow influenced the process essay proofreading and editing of reaching the set goals. The received results of the investigation should be directly connected with the research questions so that readers can properly understand the importance of your study. The other important mistake is to give too much references, and irrelevancy between the references, and the section with these cited references.

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How to Write Discussion Section of Dissertation

While referring these studies, (excl. introductory sentences linking indisputable sentences or paragraphs) original articles should be cited. Abstracts should not be referred, and review articles should not be cited unless required very much. Following receival of the opinions of internal, and external referees, one should concentrate priorly on indicated problems, and their solutions. Comments coming from the reviewers should be criticized, but a defensive attitude should not be assumed during this evaluation process. During this “incubation” period where the comments of the internal, and external referees are awaited, literature should be reviewed once more. Indeed during this time interval a new article which you should consider in the ‘Discussion’ section can be cited in the literature. On the other hand references should be promptly put in place while writing the manuscript, Sorting, and placement of the references should not be left to the last moment.

What are the 8 professional ethics?

Typically these include honesty, trustworthiness, transparency, accountability, confidentiality, objectivity, respect, obedience to the law, and loyalty.

But you can’t just repeat what you have said in the first chapter of the paper. You must clearly explain how your study contributes to advance the reader’s understanding of the problem from where you left them when you reviewed the existing literature. You have a very powerful weapon in your hands – an experienced PhD dissertation discussion writer who stands by your side and helps you with everything you need in your dissertation and discussion statistics help dissertation chapter in particular. He has great knowledge in writing a dissertation discussion chapter, as well as a doctoral and PhD dissertation abstract. When you buy dissertation discussion services, sometimes, you may feel that the writer could do more or your paper could be better in very rare instances. If you want the writer to follow a different direction, you can always provide your revision recommendations, and the writer will comply.

Discussion part 1: Interpret your results

Simply repeating their results section, with little reference to existing literature. Don’t emphasize weaknesses of your study or your failures cheap dissertation writing services – discuss limitations to boost credibility. Maestra is a platform where you can generate automatic subtitles, voiceovers and transcriptions.

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Lesson 1 Use stepwise approach with templates to plan and structure the chapter

When you seek our dissertation discussion writing help, be sure that you will get proper justification and argumentation why specific data collection methods were chosen or why specific methodology was selected. Moreover, our professional writers will provide a comprehensive discussion of how the information analysis relates to the hypothesis, how the hypothesis can be tested, and so on. Your assigned writer will also analyze how the overall concept of hypothesis in your dissertation corresponds to the topic.

  • This is the section where you need to present the importance of your study and how it may be able to contribute to and/or fill existing gaps in the field.
  • If your findings differ from what people know about the discussed issue, you have to explain why it happened and support your ideas by relevant literature.
  • For many students, the integrated discussion is a challenging chapter to write.
  • It is generally written in the present tense, and can have subheadings to make it easier to read.

Very often, with the help of the discussion section, you can bridge the gap between the background research that has already been obtained and your individual studies and contribution. However, to achieve this goal, you need to know what information to provide in this section and in what order. Below, there is a table that vividly illustrates the stages of writing a discussion section. One of them is to allocate at least 30 minutes writing dissertation discussion a day for writing a manuscript which amounts to 3.5 hours a week. This period of time is adequate for completion of a manuscript within a few weeks which can be generally considered as a long time interval. Fundamental advantage of this approach is to gain a habit of making academic researches if one complies with the designated time schedule, and to keep the manuscript writing motivation at persistently high levels.

What to Write in the Discussion Section?

The results of this study carry pedagogical implications for RCT report writing training. Although Bitchener and Basturkmen’s pioneer study explored advisors‘ and their doctoral students‘ perspectives, the students were in particular essay helps heterogeneous, coming from different origins with different specialties. It is noted that in the present study, the discussion section is identified by reference to heading and sub-heading labels (e.g., Discussion).

  • Explain how the outcome of your research can influence the development of a specific field.
  • Tompson A. How to write an English medical manuscript that will be published and have impact.
  • Limitations has to be discussed , but there is no need to strongly emphasize some points which you failed.

A writer should be aware of all instructions concerning the dissertation discussion chapter; moreover, it is a must to have access to all dissertation details. It is a crucial section in this important paper as it provides interpretation and explanation of the details from the section of results. The writer has to refer to the previously applied data and tables and respond to the overall research question.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Pay Someone to Do My Discussion Chapter?

You will also need to include suggestions for further research, which can be described in present tense (e.g. „Additional studies are needed to determine. . .“) or future tense (e.g. „Future studies will determine. . .“). „It is easy to get caught up in the desire to be extremely comprehensive and to bring up every potential issue, flaw, future direction and tangentially related concept,“ says Sackett. „However, this will make your dissertation seem like it has raised more questions than it answers.“ Your discussion section is a review of your findings, and it should show you really understand them.

writing dissertation discussion

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